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Siemens touch Panel


SIMATIC Push Button Panels
the bus-capable alternative to conventional control panels.
The SIMATIC Push Button Panels make it possible.
They arrive on your premises already equipped with multi-colored, long-life flat LEDs with rugged short-stroke keys.
You only have to position the Push Button Panel in the appropriate installation cutout and plug in the power supply and a standard bus cable to connect all operator elements correctly to the PLC. Then you are ready to go!
Although the installation concept is innovative, the operator philosophy remains the field-proven one familiar to you by using keys, switches or indicating lamps – living up again to the motto ”Trends you can trust”.
The speed with which you can install the panels is matched by the flexibility with which you can adapt the panels, for example by direct installation of 22.5-mm standard elements of...

Detailed Description:


6AV6 640-0BA11-0AX0
OP 73 micro s7-200
6AV6 640-0CA11-0AX1 
Touch with s7-200 series
6AV6 640-0DA11-0AX0 
K-TP 178 micro s7-200
6AV6 641-0AA11-0AX0 
OP 73  3-inch monochrome
6AV6 641-0BA11-0AX1 
OP 77A  Monochrome 4.5 inches
6AV6 641-0CA01-0AX1 
OP 77B  Monochrome 4.5 inches
6AV6 642-0AA11-0AX1 
 TP 177A  Monochrome 5.7 inches
6AV6 642-0BC01-1AX1 
TP 177B DP Monochrome 5.7 inches
6AV6 642-0BA01-1AX1 
 TP 177B PN/DP Color 5.7 inches
6AV6 642-0DC01-1AX1
 OP 177B DP Monochrome 5.7 inches
6AV6 642-0DA01-1AX1
OP 177B PN/DP Color 5.7 inches
6AV6 643-0BA01-1AX0 
OP 277-6 Operator panel, 5.7-inch color
6AV6 643-0AA01-1AX0 
TP277-6 Touch-panel,5.7-inch color
6AV6 643-0CB01-1AX1 
MP277-8 Touch-panel, 8-inch 64K color
6AV6 643-0DB01-1AX1 
MP277-8 Push-button panel,English 8-inch 64K color
6AV6 643-0CD01-1AX1 
MP277-10 Touch-panel,English 8-inch 64K color
6AV6 643-0DD01-1AX1 
MP277-10 Push-button panel,Chinese 10-inch 64K color
6AV6 644-0AA01-2AX0 
MP377-12 Touch-panel, 12-inch 64K color
6AV6 644-0AB01-2AX0 
MP377-15 Touch-panel, 15-inch 64K color
6AV6 644-0AC01-2AX0 
MP377-19 Touch-panel,19-inch 64K color
6AV6 644-0BA01-2AX1 
MP377-12 Push-button panel, 12-inch 64K color
6AV6 671-1CB00-0AX2  
 MMC  128 MB  OP77B, OP/TP 177B, MOBILE PANEL 177
6ES7 648-0DC20-0AA0 
USB stick 512M
6ES7 648-0DC30-0AA0 
USB stick 1G
6ES7 648-0DC40-0AA0 
USB stick 2G
6AV6 647-0AE11-3AX0 
KTP1000 basic color DP 10.4 "
6AV6 647-0AF11-3AX0 
KTP1000 basic color PN 10,4 "
6AV6 647-0AG11-3AX0 
TP1500 basic color PN 15.0 
6AV6 545-0BA15-2AX0 
TP170A  Touch-panel,
6AV6 545-0BB15-2AX0 
TP170B Touch-panel,,5.7
6AV6 545-0BC15-2AX0 
TP170B Touch-panel,5.7
6AV6 542-0BB15-2AX0 
OP170B operator panel, 5.7-inch monochrome
6AV6 545-0CA10-0AX0 
TP270-6 Touch-panel, 5.7-inch color
6AV6 545-0CC10-0AX0 
TP270-10 Touch-panel, 10.4-inch color
6AV6 542-0CA10-0AX0
OP270-6 operator panel, 5.7-inch color
6AV6 542-0CC10-0AX0 
OP270-10 operator panel, 10.4-inch color
6AV6 542-0AG10-0AX0 
MP270B push-button panel, 10.4-inch color
6AV6 545-0AH10-0AX0 
MP270B-6 Touch-panel,, 5.7-inch color
6AV6 545-0AG10-0AX0 
MP270B-10 Touch-panel,, 10.4-inch color
6AV6 542-0DA10-0AX0 
MP370 touch-panel, 12-inch display 256 colors
6AV6 545-0DA10-0AX0 
MP370 Touch-panel,12-inch display 256 colors
6AV6 545-0DB10-0AX0
MP370 Touch-panel,, 15-inch display 256 colors
6AV6 574-2AC00-2AA1 
CF memory card 512 MB   

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