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ControlLogix 1756-IB32

Allen Bradley SLC100  PLC
Allen Bradley SLC500 
Analog I/O Modules
Allen Bradley Communication Modules 
Allen Bradley CPU ModulesDigital I/O Modules
Allen Bradley FlexEX
Allen Bradley FlexIntegra
Allen Bradley FlexLogix
Allen Bradley Ind. Controls
Allen Bradley ControlLogix 1756 System PLC
Allen Bradley Spare parts
Allen Bradley Accessories
Allen Bradley Operator Interface
Allen Bradley ControlNet
Allen Bradley 22A 22B 22C 22D 22E 22F
Allen Bradley Operator Interface HMI 2711 2711P



Detailed Description:


ROC-Int is one of the largest PLC wholesale company from China, we export most of the famous automation plc include Siemens simatic S7, S5,Allen Bradley contrologix slc 500,Schneider 140 Modicon series PLC,Omron CJ1W PLC ect.Mitsubishi,A/Q series PLC.
We have so large stock and wholesale price for below original, new and sealed items:

Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L1/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L1M3/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L1M1/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L1M2/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M16/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M13/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M12/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M14/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M24/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M23/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L55M22/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-M13/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L63/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L63S/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L63/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L61/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L61/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L62/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L62/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-L64/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-SLP/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-RM/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-EN2T/C
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-ENET/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IF6I/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IF16/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-OB32/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB32/B
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB32/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-CNB/D
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-CNB/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-CNB/E
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB16E/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB16/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB16I/A
Allen Bradley PLC/ControlLogix 1756-IB16D/A


Allen Bradley 1336E-BRF50-AE-EN-L4
Allen Bradley 2771-T14C1
Allen Bradley 1336T-B015-AE-GT1EN
Allen Bradley 1336F-B025-AA-EN-GMT-HASP-L5E
Allen Bradley 1336S-B007-AE-EN4
Allen Bradley 1336E-BRF-100-AE-EN-HAB-L4
Allen Bradley 1336S-B025-AN-EN4
Allen Bradley 1336F-BRF20-AA-A--EN-HASP-L5
Allen Bradley 1336E-B060-AE-EN-GM1-HAB-L4
Allen Bradley 1398-DDM-020X
Allen Bradley 1336E-B050-AE-EN-GM1-HAB-L4
Allen Bradley 1336F-B020-AA-EN-GMS6
Allen Bradley 1336E-B040-AE-EN-GM1-HAB-L4
Allen Bradley 1336S-B040-AA-EN4
Allen Bradley 1336E-BRF75-AE-EN
Allen Bradley 1336E-MC2-SP23A
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP33D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP34D
Allen Bradley 4100-REC
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP28D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP2C
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP1C
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP6C
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP57C
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP17D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP24D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP2D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP68D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP42D
Allen Bradley 1336-BDB-SP28C
Allen Bradley 1305-BA01A
Allen Bradley 4305-AA03A
Allen Bradley 
Allen Bradley 1756-OA16I/A
Allen Bradley 1756-IV32/A
Allen Bradley 1756-M22/A
Allen Bradley 1756-M13/A
Allen Bradley 1756-M14/A
Allen Bradley 1756-M23/A
Allen Bradley 1756-M1
Allen Bradley 1788-DNBO/A
Allen Bradley 1784-KT
Allen Bradley 9791VWSCWAENE
Allen Bradley 1771-OB/A
Allen Bradley 1771-OD16/A
Allen Bradley 1785-KA/A
Allen Bradley 1785-L40L
Allen Bradley 1771-OWNA/A
Allen Bradley 1771-OQ16/C
Allen Bradley 1785-ENET/A
Allen Bradley 22A-V2P3N104
Allen Bradley 1785-LT/A
Allen Bradley 2711-T10C8/D
Allen Bradley 2711-T10C10/E
Allen Bradley 2711-T10C10/F
Allen Bradley 2711-K10C1/A
Allen Bradley 2711-T10C8/B
Allen Bradley 2711-T9C1X/C
Allen Bradley 2711P-T6C20A/B
Allen Bradley 2711P-RP1
Allen Bradley 2711-B6C10L
Allen Bradley 2711P-T6C20D


Address:Head office--Unit 04, 7/F, Brightway Tower, NO. 33 Mong Kok Rd, Kowloon HongKong China Phone:+0755-2300-9911 (Shenzhen,China) Contact:Mr Michael
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