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SIEMENS Low Voltage


Siemens Soft Starters  
Nowadays, three-phase motors represent the most favored type of drive concept. Direct starting or star-delta starting is, in many cases, not the best solution. Such methods often result in unpleasant side-effects such as mechanical impacts inside the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system. 
Our new SIRIUS family of Siemens soft starters is a comprehensive range of products covering all the standard and high-feature motor-starting applications. The advantages of soft start-up and smooth ramp-down with these devices can therefore be exploited in the most varied of applications for simple and economically efficient machinery and equipment layouts.
New softstarters 3RW40 are now available in sizes S0, S2 and S3. 

Detailed Description:

ROC-Int is the largest PLC whole company from China, we export most of the famous automation plc include Siemens simatic S7, S5,Allen Bradley contrologix slc 500,Schneider 140 Modicon series PLC,Omron CJ1W PLC ect.Mitsubishi,A/Q series PLC
we have so large stock and whosale price for below original, new and sealed items:

3RW40552BB35 3RW44656BC34 3RW44362BC35
3RW40552BB44 3RW44652BC44 3RW44362BC36
3RW40552BB45 3RW44652BC34 3RW44362BC44
3RW40556BB34 3RW44656BC45 3RW44362BC45
3RW40556BB35 3RW44656BC35 3RW44362BC46
3RW40556BB44 3RW44652BC45 3RW44366BC34
3RW40556BB45 3RW44652BC35 3RW44366BC35
3RW40562BB34 3RW44656BC46 3RW44366BC36
3RW40562BB35 3RW44656BC36 3RW44366BC44
3RW40562BB44 3RW44652BC46 3RW44366BC45
3RW40562BB45 3RW44652BC36 3RW44366BC46
3RW40566BB34 3RW44666BC44 3RW44432BC34
3RW40566BB35 3RW44666BC34 3RW44432BC35
3RW40566BB44 3RW44662BC44 3RW44432BC36
3RW40566BB45 3RW44662BC34 3RW44432BC44
3RW40732BB34 3RW44666BC45 3RW44432BC45
3RW40732BB35 3RW44666BC35 3RW44432BC46
3RW40732BB44 3RW44662BC45 3RW44436BC34
3RW40732BB45 3RW44662BC35 3RW44436BC35
3RW40736BB34 3RW44666BC46 3RW44436BC36
3RW40736BB35 3RW44666BC36 3RW44436BC44
3RW40736BB44 3RW44662BC46 3RW44436BC45
3RW40736BB45 3RW44662BC36 3RW44436BC46
3RW40742BB34 3RW49000AC00 3RW44442BC34
3RW40742BB35 3RW49000PB00 3RW44442BC35
3RW40742BB44 3RW49000KC00 3RW44442BC36
3RW40742BB45 3RW49000WC00 3RW44442BC44
3RW40746BB34 3RW49288VB00 3RW44442BC45
3RW40746BB35 3RW49368VX30 3RW44442BC46
3RW40746BB44 3RW49368VX40 3RW44446BC34
3RW40746BB45 3RW49478VB00 3RW44446BC35
3RW40752BB34 3RW49478VX30 3RW44446BC36
3RW40752BB35 3RW49478VX40 3RW44446BC44
3RW40752BB44 3RW49578VX30 3RW44446BC45
3RW40752BB45 3RW49578VX40 3RW44446BC46


ROC-Int provide door-to-door express delivery services.
Payment Options:T/T, Western Union,paypal
Shipping ways: DHL TNT,Feedex,EMS ect
Warranty: All the products are 12 months warranty start  from the date of order sent out
Items condition: original package and new, sealed.
Business Hours:Mon~Sat  8:00pm – 6:00pm


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Address:Head office--Unit 04, 7/F, Brightway Tower, NO. 33 Mong Kok Rd, Kowloon HongKong China Phone:+0755-2300-9911 (Shenzhen,China) Contact:Mr Michael
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