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SIEMENS Inverter


SIEMENS  Inverter, memory card 512 MB,SIEMENS Master Drive,SIEMENS Variable Speed drive

SIEMENS Wincc V7.0,S5-100U,S5-115U,S5-155U  battery power supply SCADA plc Control System sitop


Detailed Description:

Parts No. Cap. / Origin   Parts No. Cap. / Origin
6SE6430-2UD31-8DA0 18.5/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD31-8DB0 18.5/CN
6SE6430-2UD32-2DA0 22/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD32-2DB0 22/CN
6SE6430-2UD33-0DA0 30/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD33-0DB0 30/CN
6SE6430-2UD33-7EA0 37/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD33-7EB0 37/CN
6SE6430-2UD34-5EA0 45/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD34-5EB0 45/CN
6SE6430-2UD35-5FA0 55/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD35-5FB0 55/CN
6SE6430-2UD37-5FA0 75/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD37-5FB0 75/CN
6SE6430-2UD38-8FA0 90/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD38-8FB0 90/CN
6SE6430-2UD41-1FA0 110/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD41-1FB0 110/CN
6SE6430-2UD41-3FA0 132/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD41-3FB0 132/CN
6SE6430-2UD41-6GA0 160/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD41-6GB0 160/CN
6SE6430-2UD42-0GA0 200/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD42-0GB0 200/CN
6SE6430-2UD42-5GA0 250/U.K. 6SE6430-2UD42-5GB0 250/CN
Parts No. Cap. / Origin   Parts No. Cap. / Origin
6ES6440-2UD31-5DA1 15/U.K. 6ES6440-2UD31-5DB1 15/CN
6SE6440-2UD31-8DA1 18.5/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD31-8DB1 18.5/CN
6SE6440-2UD32-2DA1 22/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD32-2DB1 22/CN
6SE6440-2UD33-0EA1 30/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD33-0EB1 30/CN
6SE6440-2UD33-7EA1 37/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD33-7EB1 37/CN
6SE6440-2UD34-5FA1 45/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD34-5FB1 45/CN
6SE6440-2UD35-5FA1 55/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD35-5FB1 55/CN
6SE6440-2UD37-5FA1 75/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD37-5FB1 75/CN
6SE6440-2UD38-8FA1 90/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD38-8FB1 90/CN
6SE6440-2UD41-1FA1 110/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD41-1FB1 110/CN
6SE6440-2UD41-3GA1 132/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD41-3GB1 132/CN
6SE6440-2UD41-6GA1 160/U.K. 6SE6440-2UD41-6GB1 160/CN
6ES6440-2UD42-0GA1 200/U.K. 6ES6440-2UD42-0GB1 200/CN 

ROC-Int provide door-to-door express delivery services.
Payment Options:T/T, Western Union,paypal
Shipping ways: DHL TNT,Feedex,EMS ect
Warranty: All the products are 12 months warranty start  from the date of order sent out
Items condition: original package and new, sealed.
Business Hours:Mon~Sat  8:00pm – 6:00pm

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Address:Head office--Unit 04, 7/F, Brightway Tower, NO. 33 Mong Kok Rd, Kowloon HongKong China Phone:+0755-2300-9911 (Shenzhen,China) Contact:Mr Michael
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